Jumat, 02 Mei 2014

Fiery on Fairy Tale

Currently my mind is fiery with fairy tales from Europe, e.g. Cinderella, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood, Beauty and The Beast, Little Match Girl, Sleeping Beauty, Snow Queen.

It is wonderful to read those stories, which is from well-known authors and/or fairy-tale-collectors such as the Brother Grimm with his hundreds fairy tales, Hans Christian Andersen with his two volume fairy tales books, and Charles Perrault. The other lesser known is Giambattista Basile with his Il Pentamore, and Andrew Lang with his a series of Pokemon-game-title-like fairy tales book.

It was a month ago when I watched Disney Frozen, it was very interesting, very good, and very musical. Since it was loosely based from H.C. Andersen's Snow Queen, so I google it and read it. And it was, interesting too. Then I watched Disney Tangled, and it was interesting too. And since that time, I interseted to fairy tales.

Then I read some well-known fairy tales, and found gruesome version of it. Like Cinderella, with a variant where her two stepsister is cutting their heel so that their feet can fit to the little glass slipper.

Or how tragic death of little match girl, which is dies after running out of matches.

And from that stories, I'm interested making a fan fiction version. So that not-so-happy ending fairy tale can be a-little-more-happy ending, at least at my own head and heart.

I'll post more stories, I'll be very happy if you guys read it, and appreciate it with comments. Thanks in advance! :)

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